Joe Sedelmaier

It's Friday.  Howzabout a bit of Joe Sedelmaier to brighten up your day?

For the unintiated, Mr Sedelmaier was responsible for directing some of the USA's best known, most memorable and funniest commercials.

His brilliant eye for unusual casting, comic timing, offbeat scenarios and quirky soundtracks created a new genre of advertising.

Every one of his ads still stands up today.  And if you saw it in a commercial break, I guarantee that would be the ad you would remember.

Revel in more of his legendary work at

Here's a brief trailer for the Point Of View Retrospective that came out a few years back. The great man nails it when he says "Let's face it. A commercial's what you watch when you sit down to watch something else...You should at least make it entertaining".

It's a crying shame that so many commercials fail to follow that simple principle these days.  How British advertising desperately needs a Sedelmaier-esque shot in the arm right now.

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