Where's The Good Stuff?

Every agency claims to be doing great work. Awards schemes are still awarding loads of awards to people. Trade mags are full of puff pieces on agencies and work. So where is it?

You see, every day I get up, and look through a couple of newspapers, a couple of magazines, watch some telly, see some posters. Shit. Shit Shit. It's all shit. All of it. Give or take maybe one ad on the TV (most probably for Apple), everything else is absolute bobbins.

Pretty much 99.99% (scientific fact) of all advertising you see in the real world - is shit.

So it seems there is a vast gulf between the imaginary version of advertising industry output as depicted by trade publications and awards shows, and the reality of advertising output as witnessed by spending some time in the real world.

So, where is the good work? And who is making all the shit that represents 99.9% of all advertising that we see?

I think we should be told.


  1. Maybe it is all a meta-narrative in which the best advertising is that of the ad industry itself in shaping perception that they are producing something truly great when, in fact, they generally aren't.

    Or maybe I just need more coffee.

  2. I can answer this for you.

    For any given person in any given agency, the good work is being produced by that agency until such time as said person hands their notice in. Until this point, the shit work is being done by the set of all other agencies.

    When that person leaves and goes to a new agency, the good work is being done by THAT agency, and the shit work by all other agencies except their old agency, which is doing the REALLY shit work.

  3. Interesting theory copybot, but I think that's the answer to a different question. This is more about if agencies are producing the great work we're hearing about, why is almost all of advertising in the real world rubbish?


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