Shooting The McLaren P1

Friend of Sell! Sell! and expert photographer Oli Tennent was recently commissioned by the people at McLaren to shoot the launch photographs for their new super-supercar, the P1. If you've spent time on shoots, you'll know how long it takes to get the lighting perfect on even the most simple object. So imagine when it comes to something as complex and visual as the P1, with all of its compound curve loveliness. If you then layer over the top of that the perfectionism of McLaren, and of Mr Tennent – well, the mind boggles. Interestingly, Oli gives us a little glimpse into this exacting world with this short time lapse, which represents just half an hour of the shoot.

Below are low-res version of some of the final images, to see them bigger, go to Oli's website, here. I know that CGI has progressed massively over the last few years and is being increasingly used in the the world of automotive advertising, but to me there is still no substitute for the artistry of photography.

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