Being American... it begins with a Bulmers

I've had time to reflect on the new Bulmers ad, and despite trying my best not to be a cantankerous old sod, its really grating.

Other than the VO, none of the content is localised. Everything is so blatantly cowboy hat wearing, gun toting, loft party, sidewalk surfing-ly American - its more jarring for a UK viewer than kicking a brick up a set of stairs.

Seems an odd choice for a company who throw about the lines 'Original Irish Cider' and 'Great British Cider since 1887' in their communication.

High five for brand integrity Bulmers. Yeehaw.


  1. It's a poor imitation of this:

    In my view, anyway...

  2. If I have to watch another "lifestyle shots" filled ad with twats in it showing me how much "fun" they're having and how "random" and "spontaneous" their night out is, I'll murder a box full of fluffy kittens.

  3. That was a very long sixty seconds.

  4. Sixty seconds too long.


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