Chupa Chups Gum Bucks The Trend

Take a look through any newspaper or magazine on any given day and it will be full of ads. You'll flick straight past the vast majority of them because they simply don't capture your attention.  And they don't capture your attention because they don't look interesting or have anything interesting to say.

Add on some superfluous Facebook and Twitter logos, a meaningless and banal campaign endline, a QR code, a hashtag maybe, a phone number, web address, some spurious promotional price offer bullshit. terms and conditions smallprint and you have a recipe for anonymity.

And, unbelievably, this same "cram as much unnecessary information into the creative work" approach seems to applies to posters too.

In a world where most print advertising assaults our senses and insults our intelligence, it's refreshing to know that simple, smart, charming, well-crafted advertising can still manage to see the light of the day.

Well done to Chupa Chups and TBWA Barcelona for making this campaign happen.

Via Ads Of The World


  1. Good stuff, problem is all the qr codes, Facebook etc aside if this was shown to many creative directors they would say it's the same ad three times over.

  2. good stuff...

    remind me slightly of these from a few years ago... equally good...


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