Job Titles

One of the peculiarities of the advertising and marketing world over the last ten years has been the rise of the silly job title. Some of this is down to new media and things, whilst some is definitely to do with people trying to jazz-up their job, or make themselves sound reet clever and that. The famously crap ones like Social Media Guru or Digital Ninja we all know, but here's few more to throw into the mix -

Bloating Curator
Digital Bumfoozler
Strategising Crimper
Head of Strategic Loftiness
Laconic Liason Officer
Chief Opportunistic Executive
Information Doctor
Filth Architect
Code Wrangler
Art Spaniel
Kinky Planning Weasel
Beard Spectacles
Swivel-Eyed Brand Loon
Social Docker
Interactive Fartspitter
Schtick Executive Officer
Interminable Content Wizard

Any suggestions, or ones you've heard or seen yourself, drop 'em in the comments...


  1. Nurse Kissy Better
    (I made up it, but it'd be good wouldn't it)

  2. Procurement Wanklion.

  3. Chief Data Officer
    Director of Data Sifting
    Minutia Enlargement Sheriff
    Serif Sheriff
    Client Estrangement Officer
    Punctuation Provisioner
    Cliché Distribution Manager
    Associate Director of Meetings
    Curator of Disposable Trends
    Powerpoint Illegibility Optimizer
    Williamsburg Extrapolation Sommelier
    Customer Journey Tour Guide
    Director of Rounded Corners
    Associate Director of Associate Directors
    Ass-Embracement Manager
    Chief Story-telling Officer
    Director of Bullet Placement
    Deck Construction Manager
    Associate Director of Italics
    General Manager/Distortion
    Director of Ersatz Ideation
    Chief Bombast Officer
    Associate Director of Blathering
    Obfuscation Ombudsman
    Vice President/Second Guessing
    Global Glibness Officer
    Chief Chief Officer
    Disambiguation Ambiguator
    Community Infiltrator
    Director of Hashtag
    Social Media Medea
    Financial Prevarication Associate
    Director, Gouging
    Confusion Coordinator
    Panic Instigation Director
    Generalized Anxiety Disorder Manager

  4. George broke the internets.

    Director of Hashtag seems frighteningly believable.


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