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All round top bloke and good friend of Sell! Sell! Steve Qua has been documenting the result of each Liverpool game this season with a unique hand cut print [interest declared - Vic is also a Liverpool fan].

You can see the full set at Steve's Tumblr here, and keep up to date with the latest prints on the PrintiPrinter Twitter here. In the meantime, here's a selection from a few of the more memorable games that Liverpool have been involved in this season. I particularly like the use of the Uruguayan street-fighting bitey fish to symbolise Luis Suarez's last appearance.

Here's a charming short film showing how Steve puts together one of his prints. Lovely stuff.

Rumour has it that Steve is going to continue producing a print for every match until Liverpool claim their next league title [Steve is also studying human cryogenics].

I've not waited until the end of the season to show a complete set as Liverpool are playing QPR next week and I don't want to heap further abject humiliation on the club [interest declared - I'm a QPR fan].

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