Fuck 'Em

I find the whole Cannes ad festival quite unsavoury. It's just old order bullshit, establishment advertising clowns patting each other on the back while they rack up the gongs for the Gunn report. It's as far away from the real business of advertising as I can imagine. However, one thing of interest that did find its way back from the international festival of adwank was this quote from the great George Lois...
“Guys come to me and say, 'It must have been great back then, when clients would accept good work.' And I say, 'What the fuck are you talking about?' "You have to remember that it's not enough to have great talent, you have to force clients to accept the work. The minute you start doing bad work because it's 'forced on you', then you ain't worth shit. "At the end of the day, it's about finding clients who let you do great work. And if they don't let you do great work, fuck 'em.”
You've got to love George eh?


  1. Ah, George. I love how he can't get through one sentence without the F-bomb.

  2. It's laughable that whenever a mainstream news outlet wants an opinion on where they see advertising going in the future, they mostly all defer to Sorrell. He was the accountant out of the original Saatchi group. Yay.


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