Our New Bullshit Free Zone Posters Are Now Available at STARTUP VITAMINS

Since we made our original Bullshit Free Zone (hyphen deliberately omitted) posters back in May 2009, we have probably sent out about five or six hundred to people fighting the good fight against the rampant encroaching army of bull. Whilst our supply ran out some time ago, we still get many emails from people asking for them. So to meet the ever-present demand, and to keep things interesting, we have teamed up with those fine folks at STARTUP VITAMINS to produce a new and improved BFZ poster.

It's now in four different colour schemes, each in two different sizes, and you can buy it ready-framed for those more formal bullshit free zones in your life. We have some samples here in Sell! Towers and they are stonking – beautifully printed on very good quality, thick paper. Rest assured, get one of these in your life, and no one will be in any doubt of your approach to jargon and waffle.

So why not pop over to the website and get yourself one - here - even better buy one of each and put one in every room.

A huge thanks to Julia and the team at STARTUP VITAMINS.


  1. Is there an option to just come by your office and pick one up for a little less? Poor student here, but love the posters.

  2. Nice work !Love the new posters.

  3. Sorry anonymous student person, they're all in the States with Startup Vitamins.


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