Wish I'd have listened more in Science class

Whilst I was doodling, setting fire to exercise books and staring at girls - everyone else in Science class was learning about really interesting stuff. Turns out Science isn't all coloured flames, confusing graphs and looking at pictures of ovaries - it can help us explain the world around us and understand what would otherwise be branded witchcraft.

The Creative thought process for example. 

When you have that aha! moment - although feeling like something just popped into your head, the brain goes through a distinct objective process. From watching an awesome 50 minute documentary, I recon I'm now suitably qualified to summarise. 

Moments before - the right occipital lobe (associated with visual senses) is flooded with alpha waves - effectively shutting down this area for a split second, allowing the brain to focus. Then... BOOM time. The right temporal lobe (the creative/interpretive bit) is flooded with gamma waves - and rather than turning you into the Incredible Hulk - your brain makes awesome creative insightful connections pulling and linking things from all over the shop.

Furthermore, research shows the right temporal lobe is more easily influenced by things in your left field of vision. So always be wary of Machiavellian Account Managers sitting to the left of Creative Directors.

Isn't Science amazing. 

Despite this new knowledge the hours for Creative Development on my project estimates will still be listed under 'Magic', but amazing to know that Scientists out there are trying to help us all think more creatively... aswell as figuring out Cancer and developing high-yield crops to end global famine.

(thank you to BBC Horizon for the superb special on Insight and Creative Process in the Brain ... well worth my license fee http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2L0t-EN2Yo).

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