Save Small Shops - Every Little Helps

We plug for the little guy at Sell! Sell! We believe that in general, lots of small independents are better than a few giant conglomerates, not just in the advertising business, but on the high street, and beyond. We think it makes life better, communities richer, and ultimately makes for a better product and service. Maybe that why we tend to attract interesting challenger brands or independents, we love the fight against the big guys. And the big guys don't need the best thinking anyway, they just out-muscle the competition.

Whilst rummaging around our archive for a new project (we'll tell you about that shortly), we came across this campaign we did for Friends of the Earth a couple of years back. A bit of a blast from the past, but still as relevant today I think. It was made, as you'll notice, to deliberately ape a particular style of campaign that was everywhere for a certain large company. The simple message - if we don't use our small shops - we'll lose them. Everyone hates it when their local grocer or butcher shuts down, it makes them sad, the local community feels less rich for it. But people are busy, and have to be careful with money, they go about their business as we all do, and don't necessarily put two-and-two together - what you put in equals what you get out.
Alexi Sayle, being a supporter of the campaign, kindly donated his time for the voice-over, it was shot by Ben Jones and Greg Fay through the lovely people at Partizan.

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