Fashion Update

Not too long ago - if a man were to wear running shoes and jeans, he'd be the laughing stock (unless you are Steve Jobs and could use industry defining innovation as a distraction).

Times they are a-changin'.

It would seem everyone's now ok with this combo, provided the running shoes are made by those clever buggers at Nike.

Nike's marketing team have gone into overdrive recently to showoff their latest innovation - Flyknit. Apparently old fashioned running shoes are heavy, clumsy and lack craft... not if you knit them on a loom they're not.

Wait a minute, but Outdoor posters are heavy, clumsy and lack craft too... not if you knit them they're not.


  1. Great case study, but did anyone on the street really notice it / give a fuck / understood the concept? And more importantly, did they buy the damn product?

  2. Did anyone buy the new Nike trainer....hang on I'll just call a firend


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