Oh Come On, #SMWLDN, Grow A Pair

If you had too much time on your hands, you might have noticed this tumblr yesterday, taking the piss out of the inane tweets emanating from the Social Media Week London conference.

It's worth a look, because it is funny, and it's funny not least because it's true.

Twitter is plagued by these kind of glib soundbites masquerading as insight - often they are put out into the world as if they were the words of fucking Descartes.

And often they are just thinly veiled sales pitches for what that so-called expert is trying to push at the time.

Even just the idea of a bunch of social media gobshites getting together for a great big talkathon makes me involuntarily clench.

But the spurious outpourings onto twitter are surely the worst examples of how to pollute the medium?

So I was glad to see someone doing a healthy bit of piss-taking.

But then I was befuddled to see one of the conference goers gnashing and wailing about the 'haters'.

I mean, come on. The world needs the checks and balances of piss-taking and satire, to keep people honest.

And let's be honest, the world of marketing needs it more than any other field I can think of.

And within that, the field of 'social media experts' surely must rank pretty close to the top of the bullshit charts?

So suck it up, social media types. And stop the wailing.

Maybe, just maybe, it would be a good time to stop and take a cold, hard look at the things that are being laughed at.

Maybe if you actually took a moment to look at what you're saying from an outside point of view, you might be able to improve the way that you're portraying your business, and your field.

Because more often than not, when someone finds it easy to take the piss.

It's because the subject actually demands the piss being taken out of it.

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