Ravel's Bolero like you've never seen it before.

This shiny new website for the London Symphony Orchestra is pretty special.

It's an interactive extravaganza that allows the viewer to watch HD footage of the orchestra performing Ravel's Bolero from lots of different angles at the same time. The functionality lets you flick between them, focus on one, view 4 at a time or find out about the orchestra. All harmoniously in sync with the music.

These things are always difficult to get right. Lots of big, bandwidth heavy media, complicated user interfaces, too many features etc. But the guys at Sennep have smashed it out of the park. I can't think of a better multimedia experience I've had online.

It's utterly compelling, even to the classical music layman. Watching Valery Gergiev's intense focus as he masterfully conducts the orchestra is mesmerising.

Oh, and I'd recommend whacking your speakers up to 11 to get the full Bolero hit.

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  1. That is amazing stuff, thanks for pointing it out.


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