Roll Up! Roll Up!

It's the time of year when Universities set out their stalls and hold Open Days - trying to attract the brightest young minds to their campuses like flies to an Insect-o-cutor Light.

Same deal with Ad Agencies - the internet is full of microsites and youtube videos selling themselves as Craft Institutions, Idea Campuses, Message Artisans, The Hogwarts of Marketing or whatever they can think of to avoid using the dirty Ad Agency label.

Here is BBH's offering for their 2014 Ideas Apprenticeship scheme.

Even if you're not interested in jumping aboard their Grad Train* - its worth a watch to play "Guess The Job Title".

* the comment above in no way implies that a penetrative 'Train' situation would or wouldn't be involved in BBH's Apprenticeship Interview Process... even if it did, it'd most probably be refered to as an Ideas Conga.


  1. I thought it was hard enough explaining to my gran what being a creative was. Not sure I could even begin to explain what a User Experience Principal is.

    Apparently it involves a lot of thinking but not a lot of doing.

  2. Don't quite get the video. Shouldn't it persuade all the graduates to be wanting to work at BBH instead of any other agency? It may be that that's already the case. If it is, why make a video at all? Why not preselect the ones applying with that video? As it is, it seems a bit too self indulgent.

  3. I'm not sure that video has been through the BBH creative department?

  4. Relatively twatty.

    Maybe they wanted to put a lot of people off from applying?

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  6. Is it a charity for middle class people? No mentioning of stealing market share or getting people to try a product? Weird.


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