Christmas Shit

Many of you cultured souls may already be aware of the Catalan Christmas tradition of the "Caganer" - a squatting, trousers-down defecating figurine that often accompanies the usual suspects beside the crib in a nativity.

Apparently the shitting figurine is a symbol of fertility and good fortune.

As a Christmas tradition it certainly beats leaving out a carrot for a reindeer.

There's a whole, thriving industry devoted to the production of these marvellous objects. And while the most popular example is the Catalan peasant wearing a floppy red cap, shops are packed full with versions of the good and famous all taking a dump.

Some highlights below.


  1. I broke the news of the caganer 3 years ago:

  2. Well done, you win the internetz. A prize has been sealed fresh in a Tupperware tub and is winging its way to you right now.

  3. Excellent. I can't wait. I love surprises. I hope it's not one of those Tupperware containers with the hard-to-open lids. My wife has to open those for me. Maybe because I'm old and feeble-minded. Have you seen my coat?


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