This happened

and this...


  1. Oh wow. And I thought most of the superbowl ads were bad...

  2. I love that at around :17 of the top spot, the redhead says "Tell me all about tit."

  3. Pretty sure she's chowing on a slice of nutty chocolate cake at 0:18.

  4. holy fucking shit.

  5. Really wish the jump cut/super had said "Fifteen minutes later" so this could have been a cross-promotion with Dulcolax. Dream shattered.

  6. Are they real people? Seems so likely.

  7. In the name of balance:

    Just looked at the combined YouTube views for those ad's and it's over 250k. Some purpose made virals don't manage those numbers.

    People are talking about it on blogs and twitter. Charlie Brooker tore it to pieces on Weekly Wipe. That's a lot of earned media coverage.

    If the primary purpose of an ad is to make people aware of a product / give a demonstrable ROI rather than to look cool and win shiny industry awards, you'd have to consider it a 'success'.

    Whether it would go on your showreel is another matter entirely.

  8. Wow, "Earned media coverage" - take that to the bank.

    The fashionable assumption that all views have value is pretty short-sighted in a lot of cases.

    If the primary purpose of an ad is to make the product the laughing stock of the nation, and users of it look like dim-witted morons, I'd say it is indeed a success.



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