No Make up Selfies

Few things make me cringe as much as the selfie. Hearing it used in common parlance always results in an involuntary shudder and taste of bile in the mouth. I could go off on one about it being a reflection of our self-absorbed, nazal gazing society... But that's a whole other blogpost.

And the sun has poked its head out, so lets keep it nice and positive, eh?

Over the last couple of days the Facebookers and Twitterers amongst you might have noticed some snaps of lady friends without their makeup appearing in your feed. I can cut these selfies a little bit of slack because #nomakeupselfies are doing a great job raising money for Cancer charities.

Over a million quid and 800'000 donations in 24hrs acccording to the Telegraph. So ladies if you insist on a selfie, do it without make up, and donate some cash to charity.

Or even better, don't post the selfie, wear whatever you want and donate some cash to charity.

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