Shooting Fentimans..

For the last two days we have been shooting Fentimans' first TV commercial with the illustrious and talented Mr Mark Denton Esq. and Lady Fern Berresford from Coy! It was a great cast and crew, with superb performances, costume and art direction, which means we're pretty excited to bring this together. And... wait for it... there's a product in every scene, and not a kitten in sight! Can you imagine? So unfashionable. A few phone pics from the studio...


  1. Can't wait for the finished ad. Is Mark behind and in front of the camera as well?

  2. Wonder how many shit digital briefs could have been ideated if you guys hadn't spunked the money on moustache wax and artistic integrity.

    Looks great guys!

  3. ....sadly I was only there in a supporting role, Fern did all of the heavy lifting. I really couldn't have done better myself. can't wait to see the finished advert. What a fun couple of days.


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