Advertising satire?

Meet Gary Rogers.

He hosts webisodes / webseries / vlog things / I don't know what they're called.

It's a weekly show anyway.

He rounds up the week of skateboarding and rips it to shit.

He heckles pros, mocks skate ads and generally just takes the piss out of everything skateboarding.

I really wish that something like this existed in the advertising world.

Do you think there is room for something like this? Or would it just get quashed?


  1. Charlier Brooker has done a good job of it a few times. I'm sure there's room if it was done well and appeals to enough cynical/dissatisfied people.

  2. There is room for such a writer but not if you want to keep your job. People in advertising hate being reminded that they don't really have a proper job.


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