Wolfgang Tillmans

Phaidon have just re-released an updated and expanded book documenting work of Wolfgang Tillmans. Despite occasionally photographing men's dangly bits (and including them in books when you least expect them whilst showing people some of your 'favourite photographers' work') - he's undoubtably one of the most influential Photographers of his generation.

I was gutted I couldn't make it down to Koenig Books on Charing Cross Road last Friday for a book signing. Unfortunately I was busy sending out Press Ad adapts; a situation which happy-carefree-19-year-old-1st-year-Photography-student-me would have bitch slapped me for whilst screaming "SELL OUT", but one which I'm fine with as I can now afford to have £40 haircuts and eat quinoa salads for lunch ... who's winning now eh!

Anyway, if you'd like to buy a copy of the new edition 'Wolfgang Tillmans' - makes sense to give Koenig your money, fair play to them for stocking really good work and arranging cool signings.

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