Hats off to Peroni

Looking at this giant poster it's apparent that Peroni have started making hats.

Just the thing to quench one's thirst on these humid and sticky days in the city.

I can just imagine the Powerpoint charts that exist to justify this approach as positioning Peroni as a chic, fashionable and premium lager that appeals to both men and women ['it's a fashion brand not a lager brand...'] but I can't help feeling that they's forgotten the most vital ingredient. The beer.

And they don't seem particularly bothered about emphasising the brand's Italian heritage either [and I'm not talking about the fact that it's most often sold with pizza in a certain high street restaurant chain].

We've banged the drum a lot about the product vs brand confusion that's plaguing modern advertising but plaudits must go to whoever got paid real money for making this campaign without an idea. Must have taken ages in creative development before the Eureka moment happened after they alighted on this scamp in the review session.

Fair play though, it's a campaign that can run and run as these 'hot off the press' next executions amply demonstrate.

Hats off to everyone involved.


  1. Drinks aware for the farts?

  2. She looks French doesn't she. It's an Italian beer, shouldn't she be in green white and red?

  3. Looks like the creative team pulled a rabbit out of the hat with that one.

    1. You've got to hat it to them.


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