New Ad for Patagonia Wetsuits

Lovely new print ad from Patagonia.

I noticed it, I read it. I now know more about wetsuits and what makes their product different, and they seem like they are doing positive things as a company.

If ever I need a wetsuit, I might buy one of theirs.


  1. As written by the Ghost of David Ogilvy. Only his style was a bit more flash and he would have finished with a list of reasons to buy.

  2. But where are the emotions? What can we do on Facebomb ant Twatter?

  3. IMO the headline should read: Why the best weed in town can save a surfer's life.
    And then give me a reason why this wetsuit is better than any other wetsuit regarding its functionality. Obviously the manufacturing process is different, but I'm questioning whether a sustainable manufacturing process is reason enough to buy this specific wetsuit.

  4. Parvez, surfers are very sensitive people especially when it comes to the environment. It must be because of the nature of the activity. I think it will be a very good reason.


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