This Russell Brand clip chipped up on Ben Kay's blog.


Brand makes some really good points here regarding advertising today. I know many a creative or planner will be screaming "he just doesn't get it". Well I think he kind of does.

As mood films become advertising more and more all ads look more and more alike.
And  people in advertising will work harder and harder to explain that these emotional pieces work best, even if the consumer can't remember a) who it was for and b) why they should buy the stuff.  

I'm not sure what to say about Bob Dylan in the Chrysler ads. Maybe the answer is blowing about somewhere.

But then Russell has made some ads before for HP and I don't think they are too bad actually. Not earth shattering but in the same way Chrysler has the legend Dylan in them that will help re-call so HP had Brand to make their ad memorable. The ads are product demos really, what's so wrong with that? As long as they are done in an entertaining and cheeky way,as Brand does best.


  1. Couldn't agree more. That's all.

  2. Glad you saw it, agreed with me and thought they were worth blogging about.
    I reckon we probably share the same outlook on most modern advertising, so I'm always available to drop by the office for a chat.

  3. Can't argue with that.

    Coca Cola's ads have been nothing less than propaganda for decades. Nothing to do with selling or benefitting anyone other than themselves.They might was well put a picture of The Great Leader up and show us a montage of idyllic peasants working on the land just to remind us who's still IN FUCKING CHARGE AROUND HERE!

    While I'm at it, did anyone actually buy their mate a personalised bottle of Coke off the back of their "Share" campaign, or did people (like me) just think - "Fuck, that's an expensive production facility they've got there"?

  4. They (Coca Cola) are taking the pesonalised labels thing on the road. Coming to an out-of-town shopping centre near you, soon. Apparently it's a vending machine - punters rock-up, pay their money and enter the details for the label - then two mateys inside the machine / accompanying truck work a bit of photoshop, print a label, slap it on and throw it down the shute on the vending machine.
    My mate drives the van.


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