Thinner Than A Slice Of Cake Served In A Yorkshire Teashop

Paddy McGuinness has never struck me as a man burdened by an overflow of good material. And to his credit, he doesn't appear to let that worry him. After all, he's managed to get through seven (yes, seven) series of Take Me Out with a single joke.

But this video reveals something new. A chink in the armour of Paddy's previously impenetrable front. There is definitely something in the eyes that gives away that he's thinking what we're thinking - namely that the material in this is thinner than a slice of cake served in a Yorkshire teashop.

So this is Branded Content, is it? The brave new world of advertising. The thing that people like The Drum, the Sunday Sport of advertising news, keep crapping on about.


And the worst thing is, there's more of it. What were they thinking?

Here is the news again, for all of those brand loonies, brand managers and me-too marketing idiots: people don't care. They don't care about your brand, they don't care about what you care about, and they certainly don't give two shits about your crappy debate.


  1. I'd commit suicide if I'd have to write this.

  2. A bunch of sound and fury signifying nothing.

  3. wtffff is this


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