Animals In Advertising Resource

Hello there kind reader! To help our advertising brothers and sisters in the pursuit of excellence, we thought it would be useful to put together a list of animals that have been used in advertising, and the brands and products they've been used to promote. I'm sure we've got a couple wrong, and forgotten many - so please let us know in the comments and we'll add to and amend the list...

SSE - Orangutan
PG Tips - Chimp
Cadburys - Gorilla
ITV digital - Monkey
Coco pops - Monkey, Alligator
Mr Kipling - Elephant
Money Supermarket - Cat, Elephant
Bristgas - Cat and Mouse
Diet Coke - Cat
Crusha - Cat
Cravendale - Cat
3 - Cat, Horse
McVites - Cat, Owl, Lemur
O2 - Cat, Dog
Walls Sausages - Dog
Andrex - Dog
Dulux - Dog
Churchill - Dog
Taco Bell - Dog
John Smiths - Dog
Tesco - Dog
Ki Ora - Crow, Dog
Thinkbox - Dog, Rabbit
Budweiser - Horse, Toad
Lloyds - Horse
Anchor - Cow
Laughing Cow - Cow
Compare The Market - Meerkat
Sofa Works - Sloth
Asda - Chick
Freedom - Goose
Easyjet - Rabbit
Caramel - Rabbit, Bee
Frosties - Tiger
Esso - Tiger
Google chrome - Squirrel
Schweppes - Jaguar
Cartier - Snow-leopard
Bosch - Tiger
Betfair - Octopus
Freeview - Budgie, Goldfish
Duracell - Rabbit
Guardian - Pig
Co-op - Sheep
Mercedes - Chicken
Geiko - Lizard, Gecko
Lamei - Lamb
Aldi - Mice
Carling Black Label - Squirrel
Barclays - Hamster
Guinness - Fish
Wolf Blass - Eagle
Privatisation of British Gas - Snake
BT - Chameleon
Ibis - Rabbit
Guinness - Snail
Penguin - Penguin
John Lewis - Bear, Hare, Assorted woodland creatures, Penguin
Hofmeister - Bear
John West - Bear
Bounty (kitchen roll) - Bear
Muller Rice - Bear
Coca Cola - Bear (Polar )
Fox's Glacier Mints - Bear (Polar) and Foxes
Cushelle - Bear (Koala )
Fox's - Bear (Panda)
Kit Kat - Bear (Panda)
Kit Kat - Fish
Old Speckled Hen - Fox
Virgin - Bear, Owl
HSBC / First Direct - Duckbilled Platypus, Lizard, Mongoose
Nando's - Ants, Anteater


  1. Pepperami - bit of an animal.

  2. Follow the bear

  3. Could be wrong, but I think Pepperami is an animated Pepperami.

  4. Ibis otels - bunnies

  5. There was a right Cock in those real beer ads.

  6. Yes. It was a joke ;)

  7. I seem to remember a cat having a dump and reading the paper for HSBC mortgages. There was also melancholic parrot and a Brydon-voiced sloth from Swansea in the campaign. It never caught on tho...

  8. John Lewis - penguin. Should have fucking guessed really.

  9. McVities Xmas Choir - duck, kitten, duckling, pug dog, reindeer, husky, piglet, hedgehog, rabbit, and a narwhal ... in a peartree.

  10. Budweiser just added a puppy

  11. Highland Spring - Mole

  12. Merc - just added Hare and Tortoise


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