Mercedes-Benz "Dirty Driving"

Yesterday I had the misfortune of seeing this Mercedes Benz thing. I say thing because it ain't an ad, and I refuse to call it content and well, I don't really know what the fuck it is. But thats a subject matter for another day.

Anyway. I was lost for words.

Their vehicles look the business and the film looks great, in that way car film things with great looking cars look great. As you would expect from one of the world's pre-eminent vehicle manufacturers.

But the crude gag seems so misjudged. Mercedes-Benz is a sophisticated brand selling premium products (that van retails at nearly £30k). So their target market isn't teenage boys, (although the youtube comments suggest it is going down well with them). Surely they could have come up with something better than actual car-porn.

I would liked to have been in the meeting where that idea got presented though.

"We want to show the top of the line Mercedes Benz S 63 AMG Coupé and the Actros truck actually making love to produce a Mercedes Van..."


  1. It's not so surprising once you know it's made by a German agency. They're not well known for their humour.

  2. There are so many dick/sex jokes or puns in commercials today. I'm not a prude, but am appalled. If this is what young creatives find funny, we're in for a long, stupid ride.


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