Because Christmas.

There's been a lot of discussion surrounding the recent Sainsbury's christmas ad. I for one don't see a problem. After all, what's not christmasy about the mass slaughter of young men forced to go to war? Exactly! Nothing. 

If it were me though, I would've had Santa and Rudolph play a cameo role, stuck a hashtag at the end and then flog a load of teddy soldiers stuffing their faces with chocolate, crying they're eyes out, whilst riding Rudolph and cuddling Santa. But you know, not everyone is a marketing genius like myself. #wastedoppurtunity.

In fact I think there should be more global tragedies used to sell shit at Christmas. Like, maybe use the gas chambers of Auschwitz! Or maybe the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki! The assassination of JFK! YEAH, CHRISTMAS!

(In case you haven't realised) I think the Sainsbury's ad is fucking grotesque. If your that bothered Sainsbury's, donate the (no doubt) colossal budget you spunked on that ad and donate it directly. Maybe even reach a little further into your bottomless pockets and donate some more money. Don't use such an awful period in time to try get people into your shop to buy your stuff. 

Incase you haven't seen it already, the vomit-inducing ad is below.  


  1. There should be a scene where conscientious objectors are tarred and feathered.

    Pretty young girls prancing around whilst ladling Jamie's boiling hot turkey gravy into broken men's eyes whilst others giggle and throw fist-fulls of turkey feathers at them.

  2. 250 ASA complaints and counting...



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