Ritson does the Social Media maths

For anybody interested in a keen sense of balance and perspective, this is a must-watch, highly entertaining piece from Mark Ritson about the relative effectiveness of social media marketing and the laziness of journalists when reporting the facts about the so-called diminishing power of traditional media.

Via our good buddy @talktojimmer

P.S. yep we get the irony of sharing a YouTube clip of something on our blog that we first came across on Twitter...

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  1. He's bang on with "social media is for people interacting with other people, NOT brands."

    The reason why social media is getting this much glorification is because its results (likes, followers, views) are easy to fake and there's much money involved in fraudulent online ads (something like 50% of all online advertising was never seen by a human being).

    Let's see when all the CMO's will start to wake up and adjust their budgets accordingly.


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