Top Notch Print Work

This is really great press work. A real stand-out, provocative, honest thought, great writing, strong art direction, and it works hard. All from a black and white 25x4 newspaper ad. In my humble opinion it's the strongest print work of the last 12 months. And you know what? It was done by an agency that describes itself as a direct digital agency. I know descriptions don't matter that much, but sometimes I think that advertising agencies, in their rush to look as if they get the next big thing, have forgotten how to do the things that traditionally have made them valuable to businesses and charities. Like top-notch print advertising. This is that. And it's better work than has come out of any of the so-called top 30 ad agencies in the last 12 months. Hats off to AIS, and especially to the father in question, Alex Smith, for his brave campaign. Donate here.

This is the strong follow-up ad released recently...

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