"Remember Those Great Books About Those Great Volkswagen Ads?"

At the weekend I had the pleasure of meeting Alfredo Marcantonio and John O'Driscoll, two of the authors (along with the late, great David Abbott) of the seminal book about the seminal VW ads (that's a two-seminal sentence). And very nice gentlemen they are too, not least because it turns out that they regularly read this blog (hello gents!). They have released an updated edition of the book, with new material and improved images of some of the ads. Well worth getting even if you're lucky enough to already have a copy of the original...

Read it again and ask yourself the difficult question: Is advertising going backwards?


  1. That's a difficult question?!

  2. It might not be difficult to answer, but I reckon it'll be hard to swallow...

  3. I wish it was going backwards to an age when these ads were made.


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