One of the most wretched diseases of current advertising and marketing is the highly contagious TellUsYourStoryItis.

This is the condition where deluded marketers and advertising types expect normal people to share their story or experiences of using the product - or even some tenuously related activity.

Suffice it to say that these things are generally extremely unsuccessful. That's because they are based on a deluded notion – that normal people care as much about brands and products as marketing types do.

Well sorry to say, they don't. The notion of people having an emotional attachment to brands that influences their buying decisions has been largely disproved.

But this doesn't seem to stop marketers and agencies from imagining that people have nothing better to do than share their story about bleach or apples.

Some mischievous soul has put together a tumblr of these bonkers campaigns – Tell Us Your Story – have a look through if want a laugh at someone else's expense – or if you're ever tempted to do one of these campaigns yourself treat it as a warning.

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  1. Tell us your cheap, lazy marketing story.

  2. I'm one of these lunatics who genuinely believe that storytelling is an extremely powerful way to convey an idea, second only to an actual experience. Unfortunately, the term is dying the slow death by industry buzzword.

    It pains me to see how ad-hacks take the idea they half misheard, half misunderstood and churn out these atrocities (and stuff like Mercedes "drive the story"). Putting the words "tell" and "story" in your work isn't storytelling.

  3. I miss Brian. Can we bring him back?

  4. @adam Wika AHAHAHAHAAHAH your must be having a laugh consumers dont care about your brand


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