This Made Me Cry

Yes, actual man-tears. But not because of the feels - oh the feels, them feels, that this tries to prise out of me.

It made me cry out in despair WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK ARE FAIRY DOING?

What makes them think this is a good thing to be doing? Utterly bonkers, it is. You could tack almost any brand on the end and it wouldn't make much difference, all these 'them feels' pieces are just blending in to each other.

So I'm in the supermarket I'm wandering down the isles and I thinking now, what was it that told me what to think about myself, was it a soap, or a cereal? Who told me off for not hugging, was it a biscuit or an air freshener? 

More importantly, I actually feel insulted as a normal human with family members and friends and things, that Fairy – maker of soap and detergent no less – feel like they have some licence to tell me when, where or who to hug. Piss off Fairy. Just piss off.

Whoever decided it was a good idea to make this needs a hug. Then firing.
Then another hug.

PS: I showed this to some other people in Sell! Towers,  a couple wandered off midway through, one stayed till nearly the end, then started walking away with a shake of the head. "Wait," I said "You didn't stay for the brand...".



  1. As it's for non-bio, I was really hoping that the dad would tell him "I'm not your father"

  2. you don't get it.
    if they showed the product before (let's say on 8th second) they'd ruin it.
    people would say "oh, fuck... it's a commercial!"
    but since they didn't show it it's emotional branding. people are watching this saying "what a beautiful piece of art".
    and after that everybody's flocking to their website, typing the hashtag, realizing: "oh, fuck... it was a commercial."

    1. Haha "typing the hashtag" eh?


    2. Trust me, the only person who's ever looked at an ad and said "What a beautiful piece of art," is the art director's mum.

  3. Reminds me of a line from an old Frank Skinner stand-up set. 'My Mum used to say you can judge the quality of a film by the amount of tissues you get through and I agree, not sure we were talking about the same sort of films though."

  4. i liked it when they said our brand cleans better because xyz


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