Two Things Today

One. Read this excellent interview with Dave Trott (if you haven't already), he is spot-on about many things including creative awards...
Ad festivals prevent creativity. You’re not doing advertising for six million people in the street anymore, but for ten people on the jury, and for a few clients. You win an award, because then Martin Sorrell will give you a raise, and Martin Sorrell can go and tell Unilever that he won an award, and Unilever will maybe give him another piece of digital business. How has that got anything to do with the job we’re supposed to be doing?
Two. If something does offer a glimmer of hope about creative awards, it's that Apple just won the Cannes Lion outdoor grand prix for their shot on iPhone campaign. Yes, an actual piece of advertising on actual poster sites. Advertising about an actual product, with an actual reason or benefit. We're big fans of this campaign, as you may know (read our post on it here). It's great to see it recognised. Hats off to all involved.

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  1. I once read that Dave Trott didn't believe advertising was about selling, which he alludes to in this piece. His comments scared me a bit... thoughts?


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