Alphabetical: UK/Mexico 2015

Design studio Alphabetical have just designed this groin-grabbingly good identity for the British Council:

Why, when there are companies like Alphabetical, turning out consistently very good work, are the big briefs being handed to the giant lukewarm companies like Wolff Olins?

Can you imagine how much nicer the olympics would have looked if it were in their hands? Get it together people.


  1. Cause Wolff Olins paid for lunch. Obviously.

  2. Messaging and confidence.

    Big companies speak absolute fucking nonsense, but it's up-to-the-minute absolute fucking nonsense. It's an elaborate series of shibboleths. "Our nonsense is identical to your nonsense. We're your kind of people. We went to the same schools. Harbour the same disavowed racial prejudices. Attend the same kind of satanic orgies. You can trust us."

    I've worked with smaller companies that managed to snag amazing briefs because we deployed absolute fucking nonsense of only the highest calibre.

    These guys probably made the fatal mistake of sounding like actual human beings. What amateurs!


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