You Be The Judge #3: New Johnnie Walker Campaign

About time for another post in our random and infrequent You Be The Judge series.

It's the turn of the launch commercial in the new Johnnie Walker campaign to be subjected to your erudite and incisive opinions (or thrown to the wolves, some might say).

It's Anomaly's first work for the global megabrand since they won the account from BBH and it's looks like they've spent gazillions on this 90" extravaganza.

Is it any good, though?

Were they right to drop "Keep Walking?" Were they right to keep Jude Law?

Is Plastic Bertrand's 'Ca Plane Pour Moi' an inspired choice for the soundtrack?

Does this no holds barred, in your face, espousal of the power of JOY fill you with joy?

And will this ad genuinely "accelerate Johnnie Walker's momentum in culture" as the accompanying trade press release claims?

As always all thoughts, comments and views welcome. Don't be shy now. Let us know what you really think of this work.


  1. Always nice for an agency when the client buys the mood film.

  2. It's very nice, but what's it got to do with whiskey?

  3. Honda make whiskey now? Oh it's JW.
    Fucking hate the type.
    The only bit that looked out of place is the bit with the whiskey. Telling.

  4. looks like it's been made by people who don't even drink the stuff... joy...? it gives you a face like a cat's arse...

  5. It's rubbish. But since Anomaly also made these fresh Converse posters (, I was wondering if perhaps the client is the real problem here? Or is it solely the agency’s fault? Or a distorted combination of both?

  6. Oh great, another ad where the planners have asked creative to mop up after selling the client on the idea it's possible to "own" a particular emotion. These are hardly ever on.

    Someone else said it best: this is a mood film. It's certainly not an ad. Ads are supposed to sell products. And the only product this is selling is prozac.

  7. "Blood, sweat and tears will take you there.
    But joy will take you further." What?

    So it opens by talking nonsense, then goes on to show a load of it via a montage of clich├ęs with a soundtrack rolled out every few years by brands that have run out of ideas

    JW - the perfect alternative to a daytime Coke when hot air ballooning, working in an office, motorcycling or painting buildings from a ladder

    Neither the agency nor the client seem to have drunk whisky or understand it

  8. This is so bad, so misguided, that it's bordering on professional negligence. Whoever signed it off at Diageo needs calling up to HR on Friday afternoon...

  9. That Same Old Guy is right, of course.

    I think they should have put their best team on the JW business not the graduates. Doing a good piece of work for JW could have bought in more work. Simples. Now they've got the JW joy-mood film on their reel, which is a shame.

    As for whiskey cocktails #thiscountry #youjustdontgetitdoyou?

  10. In Asia, Jackie Chan is a notorious jinx.
    Every product he promotes fails.
    It's known as 'The Curse of Chan'.

    Jude Law seems to be in great danger of getting the same reputation.
    Perhaps we could call it 'Jude's Law' ?


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