Channel 4 Rebrand By DBLG/Squa & 4Creative

The Channel 4 rebrand was launched this week. Our good mate Steve Qua (Squa) has been beavering away on this for months. The project was a collaboration between Steve and Grant Gilbert at DBLG who were originally invited in by Channel 4 to pitch an idea for the rebrand. Their concept was rather than ditch the current 4 logo, to go back to its original form, and use the blocks that it is made from to create interesting visuals and films, and as a jumping-off point for other directors and creatives to work from.

“The new identity covers the on air design system, all moving parts of the Television channel. The Channel 4 logo is a very famous one in the UK. So messing with it or changing it didn't feel right, they wanted to find out how many different ways they could present it on air. The OSP and opticals aren't just promos with a logo tacked on the end, they are the channel they're the bits that tell you when your favourite show is on, and the bits that tell you its an ad break so you can go have a cup of tea. These elements that play out dozens of times every day are now free to be playful, surprising, dynamic and ever changing.”

The guys brought in Neville Brody to design unique fonts to reflect the new direction. Channel 4's in-house agency 4 Creative worked with director Jonathan Glazer to create striking film idents, which feature the blocks existing in nature (from 45" in below)...

It's a strong body of work all round. Hats off to Steve and Grant for pitching a brave, left-field concept for such a big and high profile project, and to them and all of the team at DBLG and 4 Creative for making it happen, and of course hats off to Channel 4 themselves for going with such a brave idea. Good to see brave work out there.

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