Reason Is Emotion - Bloody Great Piece By Dave Trott

If you work in advertising or marketing and you only read one thing on the internet this week, make it THIS bloody brilliant piece from Dave Trott.
“A rational demonstration can have a more powerful emotional effect than something vacuous designed purely to appeal to the feelings.”
And please, stop making the seemingly endless stream of faux-emotional, sentimental dross that pollutes our TVs and computers every day.


  1. It's as though looking for the reasons to create an emotional response from a rational demonstration is much harder than churning out mawkish tat. Anyway, I'm off to release my inner goddess through #PowerOfFurniturePolish

  2. It's fucking millenials*. These self-interested, production line creatives that all have the same fucking ideas. They're the ones that think making a mood film exploring what an emotion like "Joy" might/could feel like, is the same as making something truly, actually joyful! It's like advertising lives in this juvenile bubble where Mummy still loves us for showing the working out but not getting anywhere near the fucking answer. And we keep being pat on the head and rewarded for it all the same, so we've stopped bothering to even solve the problem. We just do some doodles that are half right and get given a sweetie by Martin Sorrell anyway.

    All this talk of emotion, my arse. The only emotion these people feel is getting a micro-squirt of dopamine when someone in the agency next door likes they're fucking tweet.

    Happy Friday everyone X


  3. Blasphemey - You just don't get it do you Sell Sell. We have been over this.

    Haven't you read The Long and Short of It, it's the new ad bible. TV ads are best with no rational content in at all. Not some, not a bit, none, zero, zilch, so get with the programme.

    Now write out 100 times "I must not treat my fellow humans as rational creatures."

  4. Advertiser sees ad with emotional quality. Wants that for his/her product. Tells agency that's the task. Agency forces it. Undifferentiated nonsense is produced. Every sucks a bit more. Advertising continues.


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