How To Make Better Advertising And Advertising Better... Available Now At The Design Museum

Something is rotten in the state of advertising. CEOs and marketers tell us that working with agencies is painful and laborious. Agency people tell us they feel undervalued, overworked and stifled by poor processes. And the poor old punter is left faced with advertising that is at best forgettable, and at worst insulting to the intelligence.

Surely there’s a better way?

Yes, fine readers, the day you may or may not have been waiting for is here. Our book is out in the world available to buy.

It has a rather grand title, matched only by it's shamelessly bold subtitle The Manifesto For A New Creative Revolution, and is available exclusively at the Design Museum in London, or online on their shop - here.

We could go on about why you should buy it, but rather than that, we'll let some other people do it for us...
“The ad industry is in an unprecedented state of confusion. While the assertions and pomposity grow majestically, the advertising itself diminishes rapidly. Sadly there is no button we can push that will erase all the arrogance and self-delusion. Fortunately we have this book. It might be just the reset button we all need.” Bob Hoffman 
“Vic and Andy have come up with a foolproof way to help you discover if you are a good agency. Ask yourself: ‘Dare I give this book to all my clients?’” Steve Harrison 
“This book is full of common sense. Which is rare, so it’s actually full of uncommon sense.” Dave Trott  
“Just the sort of book you would expect from these guys. If you want advertising with cut-through, that is challenging and with a bit of irreverence thrown in, this is for you.” Chris Jessop CEO Expert24


  1. Ordered. Can't wait to get stuck in.

  2. Hi - I've just come across this but the links aren't working. What gives?

    Would love to get my hands on a copy.


    1. Hello Matt, what gives is that the Design Museum Shop has temporarily sold out, we've sent them some new stock over so keep checking back there if you're interested in getting a copy...



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