Good Beer Advertising – Kronenbourg Alsace-tians

Shock, horror – two posts in a quick succession on this blog praising advertising we've seen. Are we getting soft? Or did we just get lucky? We've repeatedly lamented the current state of beer advertising, in fact almost all booze advertising, on these pages – so it's a pleasure to share a new beer ad that is actually good. And also one that's building on what went before it.

Recent Kronenbourg commercials have centred around Alsace and feature Cantona. There was the one about the farmer which attempted to tell a bit of quality story about hop farmers, it felt a little strained but the good execution and Cantona's performance kept it together. With this story about the Alsatians bringing people a nice frothy beer in a moment of crisis it feels like they've hit upon something that they could stick with and run and run. If they stick with this and keep making well-crafted ads they could assume the leading premium-mainstream lager position that Stella used to occupy (before they went mental–Be Legacy, WTF). Let's hope they do.

Cantona gives a great performance. Great opportunities to show people enjoying a lovely, frothy beer in the context of reward and pleasure. Good production values. And great casting – they've avoided the modern cliche of filling the ad full of reallyreallygoodlooking young people.

Hats off.

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  1. Nice bit of cultural hacking/appropriation there.

    A little like Stella 'stole' from the Claude Berri films.

    Is it possible that St. Bernard's could sue Alsations for the misappropriation of barrels? Aren't they filled with Brandy and not Kronenbourg.

    Did Wes Andersen get a credit in the awards entry?

    I'm being very literal....

    Nice thought/ territory for the brand and well performed/ executed.

    Agree that it's the best beer ad in a while, but ain't no Surfers.


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