A Short Note On Enduring Ideas

Advertising agencies need to break their habit of creating ephemeral, one-off ads.

Instead, the focus should be on creating big, enduring ideas and long-term campaigns that build value and help brands to grow consistently over time.

People in advertising are often seduced by fleeting popularity as a measure of success. Everyone feels good for a couple of weeks, but the viewer isn’t moved any closer to becoming a customer.

There is sometimes a very real need to refresh or renew. But marketing directors and advertising folk need to be aware that it is sometimes simply ego that leads to ‘not invented here’ syndrome, and contributes to the lack of consistency.

The most successful brands have been built and grown with consistent advertising.

Make it your ambition.

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  1. Come on. You can't beat a mood film with a 'serious' MVO saying things like "Life is where the future is your dreams made solid" accompanied by a girl singing a hit from the 70's in a reedy voice with an acoustic guitar. There I've just written every ad on TV at the moment.

  2. That's strong work to be fair - are you free next week?


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