Blimey it's been a bit quiet on here lately hasn't it? Sorry about that. And don't think we're back with some brilliantly thought-through in-depth piece that we've been beavering away on either.

We aren't. The reason (Yes reason not excuse. What? Shut it) is that we're thigh-deep in a couple of very interesting but rather hefty projects. Yes, you heard - doing work. Actual creative work. I know!

People writing things, thinking of ideas, designing (sorry, art directing) stuff, shooting stuff, reviewing stuff. Crazy talk eh?

So there. Sorry about no new blog posts though. We do enjoy doing them. We will be back, normal service will be resumed at some point soon, so please do keep checking in.

Anyway, it would be nice to hear from you – what do you think of this year's Christmas ads? I know our readers are very opinionated, brutal but even-handed, so we'd love to know what you think.

I'm particularly pleased with the title of this post, by the way. Put it in the work as we always say.

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