Time: 100 Photographs

I love this project from Time, which aims to choose the 100 Most Influential Images of All Time. Partly just because I love great photographs, but also because they've gone behind the scenes of each shot and give the context and background stories, films and some interviews with the photographers. I'm sure everyone will have specific shots that they feel are missing from the list (my own is the Pale Blue Dot taken by the Voyager 1 space probe in 1990) but hey, what a task to choose just a hundred – I'm sure we'd all choose a slightly different 100. A small, random selection of the shots is below, but do check out the whole thing, as it's a great project and the background stuff really is fantastic. Check it out here. Incredible work...

A Man On The Moon, Neil Armstrong, 1969

Tank Man, Jeff Widener, 1989

Black Power Salute, John Dominis, 1968

99 Cent, Adreas Gursky, 1999

Demi Moore, Annie Leibovitz, 1991

The Burning Monk, Malcolm Browne, 1963

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