Are You Giving Yourself The Best Opportunity To Create Successful Advertising?

Since it is currently sold-out (at least until we do a new run) here's an excerpt from our book...

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  1. Are the Creative Directors either? An overheard conversation of two Creative Directors…

    Alpha male one: "Yes I've seen their work, It's really good, but I don't want people that are just out for themselves, you know, I just want people to get on with their work, the work the client wants, you know what I mean". Next breath… "Yes I've heard of them too, their work is great, we went out for a drink the other night (his wife turns up later) and I didn't like the way he was talking to my wife, I think he was trying to hit on her, you know what I mean, all smiles and laughter, blah, blah, going on about how great he was". The other Creative Director (beta male) in the conversation agrees a lot and they carry on looking for drones on Linkedin.

    Elton John starts playing the Circle of Life in the background ;-)


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