Foo Fighters at Wembley

On Saturday night I went to watch the Foo Fighters at Wembley Stadium. I'm a fan of the Foos but don't normally like big concerts, I'd rather see a smaller band in a small club or something than a big one at a festival. But - this was awesome. Wembley was sold out with 86000 people, yet the atmosphere was indescribable really, amazing. It has to be the best gig I've ever been to. To top it off with an encore with guest appearances from Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones playing Led Zep classics Rock And Roll and Ramble On (with Grohl drumming on the first) was fantastic. OK, that's enough superlatives. While I was trawling youtube for a clip, I found this of Will Ferrell and Dave Grohl doing a duet of Leather & Lace - random but good...

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  1. Love the duet!

    Fantastic show too - what more could you want from a gig - a revolving stage, a runway through the crowd, legendary special guests, seeing Dave drum again and to top it off, a massive firework display!

    The only way I thought it could have been any better is if the RHCP and the QOSA had been supporting :)


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