Que Viva El Sell¡ El Sell!

Well Euro 2008 kicks off tomorrow. We've felt bombarded by TV channels and newspapers telling us to 'Decide who we're going to support' - a thinly veiled attempt to drum up interest in a competition that doesn't include any of the home nations. Obviously they have sold their ad space and scheduled their programmes around it, and are desperate to get people watching/reading.

However, being footy fans here at Sell! Towers, we realise (even though the constant badgering has been a bit bit annoying) we should pick a team to throw our support behind. But who to chose? Obviously we have the opportunity to support a team that might actually win the competition, or one that might overachieve. But somehow that seems wrong. It wouldn't be the same following a major international competition without a sense of injustice and disappointment. So we have decided to go with a team that matches good old England for being much less than the sum of it's very talented parts. A team that equals our consistently strong record of under achievement in international competitions. That's right - Spain.

They are being touted as potential winners - check!
They have some of the best players in Europe - check!
They will probably lose to Croatia or Greece or someone - check!
So, for the next couple of weeks, or at least until they get knocked out - Sell! Sell! will become El Sell! El Sell!. We're cracking out the Chorizo, Estrella Damm and the Juan Sola records. We is going Espaniol!

Come on the lads! Or should that be ¡Venga en los muchachos!

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