Pen Competition Winner Announced

Everyone loves a winner, don't they?

Well the moment that hundreds of avid readers around the globe have been waiting for - the announcement of the Fantastic Sell! Sell! Win An Extremely Naff Pen Competition result.

We'd like to thank everyone who entered - the standard of entries was very high. But someone had to come out on top. In the interests of fairness and obviously recognising the importance of the result, we used a two-stage preferential voting system and polled all Sell! Sell! operatives.

Unfortunately, that resulted in straight tie between two entries. So after all of our great efforts of democracy, we had to put those two in hat and pick one out.

And the winner is... Milan, with the entry: "If I win the unique Sell! Sell! pen I'll use it to write the word "anus" on a Post-It note. After all, why not?"

So congratulations Milan. And commiserations to the rest of you. We think you'll agree that the winning entry had an audacity and economy of language that is to be admired, and is fundamental to the craft of the advertising writer.
And it had the word anus in it.

So Milan, please get it touch with us at and let us know where to send your delightful new pen to.
We look forward to seeing the post-it note.

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