New Ad For The New Madness Album The Liberty Of Norton Folgate Breaking This Weekend

A little preview for our loyal and highly attractive readers. Our commercial for the new Madness album The Liberty Of Norton Folgate breaks this weekend. The smashing Madness gents decided that to promote their new album they'd like to do an ad a bit more irreverent and well, Madnessy, than the usual 'clip-of-the-video-and-a-pack-shot' music release ads. So they approached our friends at production company Gas & Electric and ourselves to see what we could cook up.

And this is it, a parody of those old detergent ads, Suggs tests the new album in completely fictious brand Zazz! and an Ordinary Detergent. A big thanks to Gas & Electric for their hard work, and of course the Madness crew for doing it. It was also the Sell! Sell! directorial debut, which made it doubly enjoyable for us.

As seen in the work in progress post.


  1. Nice Zazz packaging - you guys are in the wrong business!

  2. I must admit that when it first came on the google box i thought to myself 'Oh Christ, Suggs, what the hell are you selling now, you corporate slut'.
    So well done on catching me out and showing me that Suggs does indeed have some dignity left.


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