Mark Denton's Nice Big Package

Yep, a headline straight from the script of a carry-on film seems like the correct way to introduce this package of absolute loveliness that arrived at Sell! Towers from Mark Denton today.
We agreed to do a swap of print and design stuff that we've done (our pack is winging it's way over to Mr Denton as we speak) and there is an absolute load of great stuff here, fantastic design, print, typography, it's a great body of work.
And the thing I enjoy most about it - it all has wit, charm and character - something that's sadly lacking from the majority of contemporary stiff, dry, po-faced design.
Thanks a bunch, Mark!


  1. Seen this?

    You probably have, being dead clever and that, but I saw it and thought of you lot. Probably because your blog is so tasty...alright, I'll piss off now.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Vic.

    As a fully paid up member of the Ephemera Society I've always tried to do print that someone somewhere might like to keep.

    I was on the D&AD design jury a couple of years back and the proper designers were getting all excited about stuff that was referred to as being 'dry'. As in "look at this brilliant piece of work, it's really dry."

    It took me a while to work out that it generally meant work that was completely devoid of any wit, charm or endearing qualities.

    Anyway.........thanks again.

  3. No problem, you're most welcome.


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