Tea and biscuits

We're not one to refuse a good biscuit, especially when it's a bit miserable out and we can unashamedly dunk it in our tea. So this week's top five is all about biscuits. The favourites, the classic dunkers, the silly ones (that's you pink wafer) and the ones that inevitably end up all crumby at the bottom of the barrel.

It's been tough whittling it down to just five, but here's our top five best of the best -

1. The jaffa cake (yep, we count this champion as a biscuit)

2. The figroll

3. The ginger nut

4. The Almighty chocolate hobnob

5. The jammy dodgerLet us know if we've outrageously underestimated any.
Right. Time to put the kettle on.


  1. That's a good list but omits Chocolate Homewheat (the main reason why I weighed 15 stone when I was 15).

  2. How could you miss the hob nob and the custard cream!

  3. Good selection - it's tough to choose - think I would add those Fox's Crunch Creams!

  4. Well there were a lot that we threw around, but didn't quite make the cut.
    We had to go with our gut.

    But custard cream? Come on, that's the biscuit that always gets left at the bottom of the barrel with bits of other biscuits stuck to it.

  5. I think the humble Bourbon cream deserves an honorable mention.

    It's no Jaffa but it has serious dunk-ability credentials.

  6. No chocolate digestive? Are you mad???


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